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A never-ending home business must be profitable!

Opening a never-ending business from home, such as a food stand, has the potential to generate sufficient revenue to meet daily requirements. No wonder so many females operate this home-based business to supplement their husbands’ incomes.

For those of you who are still confused about determining the sort of business, here OCBC has summarized some businesses that never die so that they can be passed down across generations. Let’s investigate!

10 Home-Based Companies That Never Perish

Home-based businesses that never cease to exist are categorized as small-scale businesses, where production and marketing of products occur in a home environment. Therefore, running a business does not necessitate high expenses.

This type of business is typically managed by family members and community groups to produce limited quantities of products or services. Here are some viable home-based business opportunities.

1. Food Vendors

The food stall enterprise is one of the never-ending business opportunities. This is due to the fact that with a modest investment, one can attain substantial profits and optimistic long-term prospects. Especially if the business is established in an office center or campus setting.

To launch this never-ending home-based business, you must conduct research to ensure that your food stall business operates efficiently. Choose foods that are renowned and enjoyed by many consumers.

Additionally, you must continue to innovate in order to serve new dishes so as not to bore your customers. You can attempt to sell it to nearby neighbors or online to increase your profit.

2. Laundry Service

People who reside in urban areas are typically highly mobile. This ultimately leaves them with little opportunity to wash their clothes. Thus, laundry services become one of the never-ending home-based businesses that you can attempt later.

With this prospect, the laundry business can become a gold mine for accumulating wealth. Select a strategic location and the appropriate marketing strategy so that your laundry business is more advanced and profitable.

3. Embroidery Services

Clothing stitching services are becoming an everlasting industry. Although considered obsolete, many people will always require this service. Therefore, you can utilize these opportunities to earn additional income.

The reason is that the tailoring industry has favorable prospects during specific seasons. To nuptials, for instance, on the eve of Eid or the beginning of the school year. In addition, you can also accept orders for official uniforms, cloth masks, pillowcases, and comforters.

4. Car Cleaning

This never-ending business is in high demand among novices, particularly in market areas, college campuses, and other congested areas. Additionally, this opportunity is supported by the annual increase in the number of vehicles.

When the rainy season approaches, car wash businesses are typically inundated with customers, and almost all carwashes are always crowded. Because many individuals are unmotivated or lack the time to clean their vehicles after being exposed to rain.

5. PPOB Official

Providing official payment services, such as Payment Point Online Banking (PPOB), is another example of a home-based business that will last forever. As a PPOB agent, you will process a variety of payments, including PDAM bill payments, monthly electricity, internet, and telephone fees, as well as airline and train reservations.

6. Online Shop Enterprise

With the increasing number of online stores, particularly during the current pandemic, a growing number of people are curious about the advantages of this unending business.

Online sales can be tailored to the requirements of the target market. For instance, clothing, sustenance, and household appliances. Especially before Eid al-Fitr, of course, many people are searching for these products.

7. Design and Graphic Services

The rapid development of ever-more-advanced technology facilitates the development of everlasting home-based enterprises. Social media and product packaging are typical applications for graphic design services. Among them are the subsequent.

  • 3D Animation Development
  • Web-based T-shirt Image Design
  • Branding and banner ads
  • Initial

8. Pertamini

Pertamini is a home-based business that never dies, particularly for those of you who reside on the side of a highway that is constantly crowded with vehicles. This is due to the fact that you can start a business with as little as Rp. 8 million in capital.

9. Independent Online Responders

This home-based enterprise that does not require a physical location can be started with only an internet connection. Additionally, the reputation of a brand is determined by consumer feedback in the modern era.

As a freelancer, you will maximize your profit from providing brand feedback on the website. The greater the benefits, the greater the number of blogs utilized.

10. Fishes

Today, fish farming is an everlasting home-based enterprise. The reason for this is that certain varieties of fish livestock offer extremely promising earnings potential. One of them is tilapia, which generates billions of rupiah annually.

If you are interested in catfish as a source of income, you should cultivate it. Find information on catfish farming that appeals to you and is consistent with the amount of money required to care for these fish.

Strategies for Home-Based Companies

A never-ending home business requires a sales strategy to attract consumers to purchase your product. It is anticipated that this promotion will create a positive brand image in the community and have a positive effect on the home-based business.

The process of constructing a brand’s image is one of the essential aspects of product marketing. Here are steps you can follow for an everlasting brand-building strategy in your home-based business.

  • Create a product identity, such as an alluring logo, brand, and packaging.
  • Free shipping promotions are available for specific regions.
  • Offers a Buy 1 Get 1 free sale.
  • Distribute coupons or promotional vouchers.


This is the discussion regarding home-based enterprises that never close. Obtaining a profit does not require you to leave the house; you can be productive and earn money without leaving the house by implementing the aforementioned steps. Best of luck, folks!

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