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20 Lucrative Side Businesses &; Small Capital Investment

Have you ever desired additional revenue beyond your salary? If so, then relax. There are numerous small-capital after-work business opportunities available today. Want to know the available options? OCBC NISP provides 20 recommendations for profitable side businesses below.

20 Promising Side Businesses

Afin d’accroître le revenu, let’s increase it through the following lucrative side enterprises.

1. Google SEO

SEO bloggers represent the first profitable secondary business opportunity. If you have a talent and passion for writing, it can be used to earn money through SEO blogger business. Writing or articles that adhere to SEO (search engine optimization) standards are currently in high demand.

2. Dropship

Dropshipping is a lucrative side venture that requires no capital and carries minimal risk. As a dropshipper, you only need to market products without first stocking them. Typically, suppliers or vendors who are invited to collaborate provide marketing materials in the form of photographs of their products.

3. Creative designer

If they possess design-related talents and passions, designers can start a side business. Numerous individuals and enterprises require a design but lack the skills to create one. You can use this kind of ability gap to establish graphic design services.

4. Catering Company

If they possess design-related talents and passions, designers can start a side business. Numerous individuals and enterprises require a design but lack the skills to create one. You can use this kind of ability gap to establish graphic design services.

5. Franchise

If you are uncertain about which product to sell as a secondary business, franchising may be a viable option for you. A franchise is a business established under the condition that the franchisee pays fees and royalties for the use of another’s trademark. Regarding fees and royalties, you need not be concerned because, in a franchise business, you only pay them once.

6. Coffee House

Inspiring the next small capital side business concept are coffee shops. Coffee drinking culture is prevalent among young people today. Many students spend time in coffee shops completing assignments or simply conversing. Therefore, if you are still in college, you can use coffee outlets as an alternative capital-free student side business.

7. Freelance Instructors

In addition to establishing a coffee shop as a student side business, freelance teaching offers promising opportunities. If you possess specific skills, you should consider starting a freelance teaching business in that discipline. You can try offering your talents through freelance websites, social media, or local advertising.

In addition to requiring no capital, this business can be conducted flexibly based on client contracts. Therefore, freelance instructors can also be a means of employee side business.

8. Translation Companies

The subsequent lucrative side venture is translation services. Take advantage of these opportunities to earn money through translation if you have proficient English skills. In addition to being adaptable, translation services require little capital. You simply publicize your expertise and provide your services to others.

9. Facebook/Instagram Advertiser

The next lucrative side venture is becoming a Facebook / Instagram Ads Advertiser. Currently, digital marketing is essential in many industries, particularly advertising. Unfortunately, not everyone has experience with Facebook and Instagram advertising.

This is an opportunity for those with these talents to launch a low-capital side business utilizing FB / IG Ads Advertiser services. Using only your Facebook and Instagram Ads expertise and knowledge, you can earn double profits by positioning the ads of others.

10. Content Developers

Content creation is a lucrative side venture for numerous individuals. Because this business offers numerous lucrative opportunities, including advertising, endorsements, collaboration, and the like. To obtain these numerous offers and opportunities, however, you must build a strong brand and a following of thousands to millions of people.

11. Copywriter

Copywriters are a promising side venture. This modest capital side business relies solely on writing abilities, creativity, and the art of wordplay. If you have these skills, these opportunities can be offered in various business disciplines that require copywriting to promote the business.

12. Affiliater

The next prospective side business is affiliate marketing, which involves using referral codes to attract many visitors to merchant websites. Each visitor who successfully completes a purchase transaction via the referred link will earn you a commission. Because merchants provide the majority of promotional materials, this type of business is a low-capital side venture.

13. Barbering Industry

Now, barbering is widely recognized as a lucrative side venture. Numerous youthful people favor hair-shaving services with interesting and modern environments. You can utilize this opportunity to launch a barbershop. Attempt to design your barbershop around the interests of today’s youth. In addition, offer hair styling services that reflect current fashion trends.

14. Wedding cosmetics

Bridal makeup is a lucrative side venture if you are an expert in the field of cosmetics and possess these skills. Given that many newlyweds desire to look their finest on their special day, this business opportunity is quite promising.

The greater the quality of your cosmetics, the greater the demand for your services. In addition to other services, the bridal cosmetics business receives the majority of its customers through word of mouth.

15. Livestock Digital Assets

Digital asset livestock is just as intriguing as the subsequent profitable side enterprise. The definition of “digital asset livestock” in this context is to accumulate, create, and promote a collection of your digital creations, such as vectors, photography, music, and video effects, among others.

One of the finest small capital side businesses is digital asset cattle. When trading digital assets, it is not necessary to repeatedly create assets. After the initial payment, customers may utilize the asset indefinitely.

16. The laundry

Some individuals do not have time to wash and iron their clothing due to their rigid schedules. You can capitalize on this opportunity to create a lucrative side venture. In addition to the great opportunities, the capital to establish laundry services is also very affordable. You simply provide a washing machine at home and advertise laundry services in the neighborhood.

17. Grocery Store

Even though it is only a grocery store, this business has the potential to be a lucrative secondary venture. When you maximize marketing, visual appeal, and product quality, your store will be inundated with customers.

Grocery stores are, in fact, one of the most resilient analog businesses in the midst of the current digitalization. As long as the items in your grocery store are of high quality and required by locals, you have nothing to lose by opening one.

18. App Developer

Application development services are one of the promising secondary business opportunities created by the expansion of technology. Utilize your programming knowledge and skills to establish a small capital-based secondary business. There are numerous businesses that require applications but lack the expertise to create them, so you have an excellent opportunity.

19. Miniature gas station

Mini gas stations can inspire a lucrative side venture. Gasoline is a common requirement for drivers. However, not all regions are serviced by petroleum stations, particularly remote regions. As a solution, you can set up a mini gas station as a secondary business in front of your home with minimal capital.

20. E-Sport Competitors

Last but not least, e-sports (online sports competitions) offer a lucrative secondary business opportunity. An e-sports athlete can earn tens to hundreds of millions of rupiah per match, despite the fact that it may seem trivial. Especially if the government and large corporations sponsor the competition.


These are twenty suggestions for profitable secondary businesses you can pursue after work. Regardless of the form of business, it is still possible to earn substantial profits if one is determined and persistent. Prepared to launch a secondary business?

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